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find joy in journaling


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Journaling Is a Self-Care Practice That Requires Just 15 Minutes of Your Day

Are you ready to feel human again?
You've come to the right place. 


Q: How can journaling help ease anxiety?
A: Journaling can bring a sense of serenity and calm, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety. It can help your nervous system to function properly, allowing you to relax and focus on the present moment.

Q: What are the benefits of journaling?
A: Journaling can help to increase your self-awareness, allowing you to gain better insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It can also help to improve your problem-solving skills and provide an outlet for your creative expression.

Q: How can Diary Of A Hungry Artist help?
A: Diary Of A Hungry Artist provides an online journaling platform that allows you to document your thoughts, feelings and experiences. It provides a safe and secure space to explore your emotions and find joy in the process of journaling.

Find Joy in Journaling Monthly Membership:
Guided journaling for self-care & personal mastery.


Your Journey

✓You are ready to begin the joy of journaling journey. 

✓Daily navigation and monthly planner

✓Printable undated journal pages so you can start whenever you need to.


Your Gratitude

✓ Daily gratitude journaling

✓ Be more grateful through reflective journaling

✓ Helps you become more positive

✓ Make gratitude a daily habit


Your Joy

✓ Boost your mood and stay positive

✓ Plan your life around things that truly matter

✓Record and reflect upon your most joyful moments throughout your day

✓Note all important aspects of your life

✓Create daily happiness habits

✓ Discover a happier you!

“Let go of who you think you are supposed to be.
Embrace who you are.”
-Brene Brown 

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Emotions are a gift.

Get to know them better.

You are the masterpiece

Let's craft your most confident, radiant joy.

At Diary Of A Hungry Artist, I provide a safe and creative space for self-reflection, inspiration, and growth. I am passionate about helping people discover the power of journaling, allowing them to take the time to express themselves, discover their inner artist’s visions, and find joy in the process. Visit my site to see how I can help you on your journey!

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“Elisabeth is very inspiring, she is a very talented young artist and journalist. I'm really grateful that I've found her. It'd be fascinating having her in my everyday life, sharing inspiration, stories and feelings with each other. It's a great experience in her community."



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